Ministry Spotlight - Cards Ministry

This week we connected with Barbara Lewis who coordinates our Card Ministry at Hope Church. Read below to learn more about this ministry and learn how you can be involved!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about this ministry – what do you do? 

The Card Ministry began three years ago.  It was started by Patti Basak as a way to connect to those in the church who were in need of additional encouragement because of illness, loss or acknowledgment of a special occasion. Patti moved just prior to COVID and I became the organizer at her request.  We have three ladies and one teen who create our beautiful cards and six ladies and one teen who send out the various cards.  From January until now we have sent out 52 cards showing God’s love for his people.  

During COVID we met a few times on Zoom to pray and encourage each other, but my hope is to find a monthly time and date to gather in person. 

COVID also gave us another branch of the Card Ministry.  Linda Friedline felt the Lord leading her connect with the local nursing homes.  She and a team of five others sent 3,000 messages to those who were isolated from family and friends.  Linda has moved away this month so that branch of the ministry has closed for now but it is my hope that we can find someone with a passion for reaching out to that often times forgotten population.

2. How long have you been involved and why are you passionate about it?  

I became involved with the Card Ministry three years ago. I love to design and create cards and I love to spread the joy of the Lord so this was a natural outlet for me.  I too am often times ill and I found that the Card Ministry gave me a purposeful way to share God’s love.


3. Who is helped by your ministry? 

I would like to encourage our congregation to write on their green cards at church those family members and friends and those that they may know who could use a little encouragement.  If the card is meant for someone not in the registry we would need their address along with their name.


4. How could the ladies at our church partner with this ministry? 

We would be happy to welcome anyone who enjoys spreading God’s love through creating and writing. We especially need a new director and crew for the nursing home branch of the Ministry but welcome all who would love to help in any way. We are a very informal group making and writing our cards at home in our own time and space. I collect the cards and get them to the women who only want to write and send them.  The sender is responsible for sending the card out within 12 hours of receiving the card request.  We will be looking for new meeting times and dates to start up in the fall and will be sending out our cards throughout the year.

If you are interested in partnering with this ministry, please contact Barbara at 216-570-7844.

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