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Meet the Leadership Team - Jessica Quinn

  Meet Jessica Quinn Occupation : Stay-at-home mom Family Info : My husband Andrew, and our new baby boy Trevor (born in July 2020). 1. How long have you been attending Hope Church and what is one thing you love about Hope Church? I have been attending Hope Church since 2018 when my husband and I moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania. We were drawn to Hope because of the caring and authentic community, and have felt so warmly welcomed into the church family. 2. Why did you want to be on the women's leadership team? I said 'yes' when I was invited to join the team because I've seen in my own life the importance of being connected. I regularly attended women's events at my last church and saw the way that it helped not only grow me closer to other women, but closer in my walk with God. I hope to help create thoughtful and quality events that women can enjoy attending, but also learn to authentically connect with others and with God. 3. What has been one of your favorite l

Reflections and Recipes from Liz

Spring.  Soup.  And Scripture. One of the things I have missed the most throughout the fall and winter season was meeting together for our monthly Soup and Scripture events.  I love gathering and getting to see each other, hearing from the word of God, and SOUP ! I have some great soup recipes that I love to share a whole crock pot of. But I admit that in the past, some months I would take advantage of these times to prepare soups that my family will not particularly enjoy.  Which would include any soup with what they would consider had “too many vegetables”.  And I would also try out new recipes.  I have in the past brought dill pickle soup.  It ended up tasting way better than anyone expected.  And because of the way we have it setup, we can try soups, scooping portions ourselves so it was possible to try a bit without committing to a whole bowl like you might if you were ordering off a restaurant menu.  I love when someone else brings chili. I can’t make chili. Actually I can only m

Crafting with Casey - Tissue Paper Decorated Candles

We hope you're staying warm and safe during this cold Ohio winter! If you're looking for a fun craft to do while at home, Casey Bloomfield demonstrates in the above video (9 mins) how to make tissue paper decorated candles.  Supplies Needed: - Candle(s) - Paper napkins or tissue paper - Scissors - Hair dryer This simple craft is affordable, easy, and has lots of room to customize. Your completed craft can create a beautiful centerpiece, some seasonal household decoration, or a gift for a friend or family member.  Lighting a candle can also be a helpful tool to focus your quiet time with the Lord. If your mind tends to wander and you struggle to find a consistent prayer time, lighting a candle can help create a regular spiritual practice. When you approach your time with God, light your candle to indicate the start of your quiet time. Take a deep breath. Be still and silent for a moment. Then begin your time with God. This can include silence, prayer, worship, bible reading, or

Missions Week Ladies Event Recap

'UNFINISHED' - Missions Conference at Hope Church Tuesday, February 9th How easy it is to focus on only our daily lives. This small corner of the map that God has put us in. We may broadly say Northeast Ohio, but somedays (especially now during a pandemic) it may feel even smaller to just Brunswick or Medina or your neighborhood or (if you're like me) some days even just your house.  It is so helpful to have others lift our eyes and broaden our perspective.  This week as part of the Hope Church Missions Conference we had two missionary women join us to share their experiences and hearts. It was the first time that we hosted a 'hybrid' event with 23 ladies attending in person and 9 who joined from home via Zoom. This provided an opportunity for women to connect, while also allowing those who are most at-risk, unable to drive at night, or needed to be home to care for others to still participate.  First, we heard from Hazel who has been serving with her husband as mis