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Devo - Marching Orders

Psalm 37:3 Trust in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Here are 4 imperatives. Trust. Do Good. Dwell. Befriend. All require action. All require cooperation. Settled at the beginning of the testimony of Psalm 37 are my marching orders. And God will provide everything I need for the journey. When the world outside my window looks frightening and unfair and cold and desolate and flowerless and loveless and hopeless – I need to trust in who You are. I need to stare straight in Your face and take courage. When through the media I see lonely and hungry and lost people hurting and being hurt – I need show them the love of Jesus Your Son. I need to live out the Gospel of love. When from the crowd I hear of unrest and dissatisfaction and anger and persecution – I need to dwell under the protection of Your roof, safe in Your hand. Unafraid. And flourish! When I feel inside the fear and insecurity and confusion of this life we live out of th

Devo - Trusting in God

Years ago, I was swimming with my three little girls.    We were at a kiddy swimming pool that was only about a foot deep.  Everyone was playing and having fun.  Capri my 18mth old is jumping off the edge into my arms in the water and loving it.  At one point during our time there, I was watching Karis our eldest do something out in the middle of the pool, Lanie my three year old is standing beside me right by the edge and Capri is out of the pool.  Capri decides to jump into Lanie’s arms.  It didn’t go to well.  First, Lanie is not capable of catching her sister in the water well. Secondly, Lanie was turned to the side and not even aware of Capri’s presence.   Thankfully I had turned just in time to see this event and was able to fish Capri out of the water.  I know Capri is just a baby, but did she really think her sister would be able to catch her while looking the other way?   How could she put her faith and trust in a 3-year-old when her mommy was right there?  But then I thought

Ministry Spotlight - Meals Ministry

This week we connected with Lois Miles who coordinates our Meals Ministry at Hope Church. Read below to learn more about this ministry and get more info about how you can be involved!    1. Can you tell us a little bit about this ministry -- what do you do?   Our team of volunteers provide meals for those in our church body who have a special need.  We use the program ‘Take Them A Meal’ ( ) to organize a list of dates for the meals and important information like allergies, etc. The church office administrator creates the meal request once they have the needed information from the recipient (food allergies, likes/dislikes, how long they need the meals, etc.)  The program will provide a link which is emailed to the meals team. The team can access the form on the website to enter the date they want to provide a meal.  Team members can see what others plan to provide so the family is not getting spaghetti 3 nights in a row.  We typically provide 3 meals a week for a