Devo - Trusting in God

Years ago, I was swimming with my three little girls.    We were at a kiddy swimming pool that was only about a foot deep.  Everyone was playing and having fun.  Capri my 18mth old is jumping off the edge into my arms in the water and loving it.  At one point during our time there, I was watching Karis our eldest do something out in the middle of the pool, Lanie my three year old is standing beside me right by the edge and Capri is out of the pool.  Capri decides to jump into Lanie’s arms.  It didn’t go to well.  First, Lanie is not capable of catching her sister in the water well. Secondly, Lanie was turned to the side and not even aware of Capri’s presence.   Thankfully I had turned just in time to see this event and was able to fish Capri out of the water.  I know Capri is just a baby, but did she really think her sister would be able to catch her while looking the other way? 

How could she put her faith and trust in a 3-year-old when her mommy was right there?  But then I thought of my life and I wondered who do I put my faith and trust in? 


When something is bothering me or I need advice do I go running and jumping off into my husband’s arms, or mom’s arms, or friend’s arms instead of my God’s arms.   I too often seek and depend on the advice and thoughts of others instead of seeking and depending on God and his word.  This is not to discount seeking wise council, but often I am not sure we are looking so much for wise council, but someone to agree with us.  So, when I am needing to trust someone, who am I trusting?  What am I trusting?  Am I trusting my family, my friends, money, health, laws, government, etc.?  Or am I jumping into God’s arms and trusting in Him to catch me?  Because He will.   God is right there always willing to listen and guide and comfort me.


Psalm 20:7 says, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.” 


And it is my prayer that I will put my trust in God and not someone or something else in my life.


- Ally


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