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Christmas Gift of 5 RECAP + ideas to invite Jesus into your holiday plans

We had a wonderful Saturday morning at Gift of 5's last week complete with a delicious breakfast buffet, good conversation, a thoughtful devotional, and a fun gift exchange!  Charlotte challenged us to not miss Jesus this Christmas and to invite him in. She pointed us to the innkeeper. A character created by story and tradition, but never actually mentioned in the Bible. We all just assume there was an innkeeper. And though the innkeeper made room for Jesus in the stable, Charlotte wondered if years later when he learned that Jesus was the Son of God, if he didn't regret the opportunity to provide Mary and Joseph the best room in the inn.  We are fortunate to know that Jesus came to die for our sins. That God sent His only Son to redeem a broken world, and every year at Christmas we are reminded to make room in our homes and lives for Jesus. Charlotte encouraged us to not get lost this Christmas in the stories and traditions, the shopping and lights, the cookies and to-do lists