May Event Recap

We had around 30 women attend our Ladies of Hope Night this month! It was great to be able to connect and reconnect together.

Faith courageously shared her story of hurt, heartbreak, and healing and reminded us that God is with us through it all. 

Ally reminded us that we often confuse God's love with our sanctification. Through a lifelong pursuit of our holiness we forget that God's love pours out on us unconditionally, independent of our actions. We must only accept it. We cannot hide from God's love, do not need to change for God's love, and there's nothing we need to "do" to earn God's love. Sanctification is a response to his love. But God's perfect love will meet us right where we are at. And from that love, we can love others unconditionally as well.

Thank you to all the ladies who joined us, a special thank you to Faith for sharing her Hope Story, and we hope you make plans to join us next month on June 8th at 7pm!

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