Devo - Resting in Christ

Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” 

I woke up one morning to a child’s scream.  My husband who was already up, ran into the bedroom our two older girls share, in time to see my middle child, Lanie, vomit all over herself and bed.  My eldest daughter, Karis, who was right next to her in the bed went running grabbing all her possessions to avoid the mess, while Lanie was crying hysterically because she was all yucky.  

This scene is not unfamiliar to many of you.  We all experience our kids being sick at times.   And I have a secret.  I must confess that sometimes I actually enjoyed my kids being sick. 


I have three active girls.  And I imagine that perhaps like your child or children, they were always on the go.  Once they learn how to crawl, they are out exploring the surroundings and getting into things.  I sit down to cuddle with them and they give the 2 second superficial cuddle and off they go again, with a seemingly endless supply of energy and excitement. 


And then they get sick.  And suddenly mommy’s lap is no longer confining and restricting, it is their comfort, their refuge.  I cherish those moments when my child will just rest in my arms for hours, even if she does cry if I need to separate for even the tiniest of seconds.   What a wonderful bonding moment. 


But I think, why.  Why child does it take you to be sick, hurting, or in pain to rest like that in my arms?  Don’t you realize that I am here for this at all times?  And then I think about my God.  Do you ever wonder if maybe God allows hurt in our lives so that we run to rest in his arms like that?  Since I am too busy to just cuddle up in my heavenly father’s arms when life is traveling by at the speed of light, maybe the pains come at just the right time to remind me of where I need to run.   How much better would it be for us to learn from our children and how we feel with them spending that time with us and put that into practice with our Father God.   I pray that I will not wait for hurt in my life to run and rest in his arms.  But even if I do, it is so comforting to know He is always there with his arms open for us to come and find rest within.



- Ally

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